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Just a quick post about some recent inspirational audio sites I've come across, a question about a new audio recorder and a link to some basic but fun audio instruction from the BBC. 

First, the inspiration- 

I really think it's important for us, as an industry to look outside ourselves every now and then to find others who inspire our multimedia storytelling skills. Here are two I recently found.

Really fantastic  audio stories here StoryCorps® – Interview Your Loved Ones
and some really funny and interesting flash based stories here Vidlit- Well Told Stories 

Instruction from our links page:

The BBC has some basic and very useful audio "tutorials." Want to know your cardioid from your omnidirectional, then this intuative flash-based training is for you. I will post another more practical to our needs audio tutorial (produced by me) very soon, watch for it. Meanwhile, enjoys these:


BBC Training & Development > Microphones and sound for radio – Online course details

BBC Training & Development > Interviewing for radio – Online course details

Finally, a question. 




Zoom H4 Digital Recorder

I looking for someone to write a review of this recorder, it looks promising and is only $299, $100 cheaper than the R09 by Edirol. 



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  1. storycorps.

    cool audio yet no images.

    when is great audio enough? — other than in the car?

    Do you think newspapers can get away with doing audio only with images?

    I can’t do that here at — podcasts just don’t work.

    The NPR web site does it but they also are starting to do audio slide shows too.