My Multimedia Year

It's that time of year where we're forced to look back on what we've accomplished in one year and enter our best efforts in the flurry of contests. Well, for the first time in 15 years, I don't have a body of 'still' work to look back on, but I do have this new body of work, multimedia. I can't say exactly why I would've never posted or blogged about my still photography work, but feel just fine sharing this body of work with you. I have to say I've never been happier in my work than now. If I venture a guess about all of this, it must be how my creative process has changed since moving into the multimedia realm. I used to feed off the solitude of the still photo process. I called all the shots, both good and bad. But in multimedia it's so much more of a collaborative process that in the end, gives me more pleasure. For example, being able to work hand-in-hand with a talented photojournalist like my colleague Pauline Lubens and put together the Frank Sandoval project, was immensely rewarding. I can't say for sure why. But anyway, enough babble, oh yeah, by the way Babel the movie, rocks! The main reason I wanted to post this list, other than ego and because I can, was to hopefully be some kind of inspiration to those of you as scared as I was a year ago about all this change. Last year I was a still photographer with a solid decade of experience. I had ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of Flash or how multimedia was produced. In a year's time and with the help of and friends like Dai Sugao, Shan Carter and Joe Weiss, I am where I am. I just want to prove that there's nothing to be afriad of if you are passionate about storytelling. You can do it to, just send me $19.95 and I'll……Just kidding, I feel like an infomercial, which means I better stop. Anyway, the list is in  chronological order. The first piece, Tainted trials, stolen justice, was mostly the work of Shan Carter who showed me the Flash ropes along the way. Damn for stealing him from us, but when the mothership calls you go. And after that it's all me, both good and bad. I hope you get something from this post other than my ego.






  1. Absolutey amazingly awesome work… I really liked the images in the Mass/Diocese soundslide piece.

    I hope the new owners give you guys the resources to keep doing this stuff!

  2. Richard –

    It has truly been inspiration to watch the growth of you and the rest of the Merc. News web staff during this year. Here’s to an even better 07.

    Thanks for the post –


  3. richard,

    that’s one great year.

    hooray to web tutorials, the computer section at the book store and tips from friends who know flash better than you.

    — who needs college?