1. I dont like mixing a fictional tv show with serious war time events. Its not cute to me and as MASH was not “real” any comparison to the Korean conflict is not there. If its social commentary I dont get the point.

  2. I loved the presentation – thought it was clever way to present the pictures – added a bit of irony and a viewpoint too. Pretty good sound design too. I noted the mixing fiction and non-fiction, but I think magnum categorized it as an essay… so a stylized presentation with a POV is more acceptable? I think it was pretty clear where the real pictures began and where the Video clips ended. (I wonder how many episodes of MASH they had to watch) Does multimedia and video begins to alter reality as soon as you make a cut/edit or add/manipulate sound anyway? Was MASH really about the Korean war so much or just a commentary on war in general? I think magnum effectively hijacked its irony and dark humor to mirror the absurdity and inhumanity of another war (50 years later)

  3. I thought the photography was poor. The images had to be supported by screen grabs from M*A*S*H* to make a semi-moving show. This is the type of slide show I’d expect from a novice, student or editor with limited talent.