MultimediaShooter Podcast – Richard Koci-Hernandez Interview Part 1

Here is part one of an interview I recorded with MultimediaShooter founder Richard Koci-Hernandez. Richard has been shooting photos for the San Jose Mercury News for more than a decade, and has recently transitioned into a multimedia shooter and producer for the paper. He has a great backstory and a lot to say about the past, present and future of newspaper multimedia.

On a technical note this was recorded with a Marantz PMD 660 and a M-Audio Aries condensor microphone. It was edited with a combination of Audacity and Garage Band, and the music was provided by my friend and former bandmate forbidden donut. I learned an interesting lesson while recording this. A cell phone receiving a call near a recorder can cause a nasty clipping in your audio, so turn off your cell phone when recording.

Hope you enjoy,

By Chris Jordan



  1. Thanks for posting the interview. It provided me with a lot of insight, and it felt like someone was taking the thoughts right out of my brain and speaking them. It should be a fun and exciting future ahead of us. Can’t wait!

  2. Thanks for posting this podcast. It’s nice to find such a supportive community of other multimedia professionals. I love this site, too. Looking forward to part 2 of the podcast …

  3. The Marantz is such a nice piece for recording, but once while I was recording a conference, the batteries went off. The CF had just no files on it :( I think it got corrupted (I tried to get the files back, but nothing). I need to try that again.

  4. Thanks for the comments everybody. I just posted part 2 of the inteview, so hopefully you all will enjoy that as well.

    Melissa – this community of people involved in online journalism and multimedia is indeed very supportive. Hopefully this site will only continue to further that. on a side note i have been enjoying you blog.

    Fabien – the battery life on the Marantz is pretty abysmal. I have a slightly tweaked version of the recorder from the Oade Brothers that sounds better than the standard factory model. However, I am tempted to get rid of it due to it’s size and poor battery life.

    Drew – it’s definitely an interesting and exciting time. glad you enjoyed the interview and thanks for the comment.