This American Apple profiles shorts 2007

You go Post! They even have the Emmy to back it up! The future loooks bright, don't be scared. Embrace the revolution.  Apple – Pro – Profiles – Washington Post

Even the 'scared cow' of radio documentary is joining the 'team' damn this looks good! (video/quicktime Object)




I just got back from iTunes and noticed they have the oscar nominated shorts for 2 bucks I'm downloading a few right now, I'll let you know how they are. I'm planning on watching them on my laptop while I do some intense "compression" investigations for the up-coming tutorial.





  1. I have been following your feeds regularly. thanks for the links.
    is this washingtonpost Apple profile made all with stills?

  2. from what i can tell, it’s a mix of still and video. i know some of the apple people who work on this stuff they are a creative bunch.