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You care about this stuff. Normally I don't, but the stats for this site are an indication that I should keep doing what I'm doing.  I don't know about you, but when I know I'm visiting a 'popular' site, somehow it makes me feel part of a community.  ahhh!  The stat that caught my eye this month was the 550 daily unique viewers to the site. So I quess I'll keep it up.





On another note, I am kind of a DIY kinda guy and I very much like to keep my 'multimedia' life organized or at least make sure I have a Moleskin or a 3×5 card handy for those multimedia/story ideas.  I was recently inspired to make my own 'multimedia planner' it started here: D*Y*I* Planner, then I realized that I'm constantly making tutorials and handouts for our staff, so, I got the bright idea to make something for each photographer on staff. I put together this little 5×7 bound booklet with everything a staffer might need to know out our multimedia workflow, etc. You can get a quick look at it on the video below. Then I started thinking…what if I made something like this for you guys? Of course it wouldn't have any sensitive Mercury News info in it. What do you think? Or how about just use this idea and make them for yourselves. They fit great in your camera bag!




  1. mixed with is usefull for stats and rss tracking. I suggest it for your project here. Mint I suggest because people write plugins for it, I havent used the new updated 2.0 yet, but previos versions rocked for getting very specific stats, and knowing what comments and such were coming in where. feedburner would replace your rss feed, it has a clean output and has become a standard for the most part, but being able to track your rss feed subscribes makes for some great stats.

  2. I’m still getting the spam page when I comment, then it told me I had a duplicate comment, then the spam img check came up again, but that doesnt work because there is no image. I had a correctly spelled above post when I clicked submit…haha…oh well.

  3. The DYI planner of multimedia information would be an invaluable resource. Go for it!