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First, I am headed to Poynter this week to help judge NPPA's BOP/multimedia division. I'm honored and excited. I'll do my best to keep you posted about results and inspiration from the contest. I'm also hoping to record a few podcasts with the other judges, so stay tuned. Speaking of NPPA, You shouldn't miss this, Photojournalism Summit and Multimedia Immersion Program in Portland, OR, on May 20 through June 1, 2007. What a line-up of multimedia folks, all in one place, not to be missed.

New Tools: 





Quicktime Helper billed as the swiss army knife for Quicktime.



Video Player from FlashLoaded [I love this place] flvPlayerPRO is a fully skinnable and customizable set of 3 Flash video player components.



Multimedia Lite: 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 'mother ship' or as the common folks know it, Apple, for a workshop called Rich-Media Storytelling. It was a chance to be in the presence of the 'pros' and get tips on the Apple Pro applications. It was fun to learn that the Apple Pro profile of the Washington Post was created by just two guys with a still camera and an audio recorder. This reminded me about getting back to basics. So I left the Z1U at home and I ditched my Canon Mark II long ago, so I went to work with only my R-09 Audio recorder and my Canon SD500. Here's a link to the daily piece I produced, nothing special, but fun. I also just found this fun piece buy one of my favorite SJSU students, Daniel Sato, check it out, here. And before you go all 'Ed Kashi'  on me, I'll have you know, for the record, he did not invent the 'flipbook' style. I never figured out why it, as a 'style' got so much attention. Also, for the record, Dai Sugano and I have been doing this for years. And people have been doing it before us and so  on and so on……nothing's really 'new.'



Anybody care to share their video recording to hard drive in HD workflow on a Mac? Tnxs in advance. Speaking of help, Ijust read this unconfirmed rumor over at that David J. Leeson's "Voodoo Tool (an algorithm written by his son DL II that creates great still captures from video) will be made available within the next month or two on the digital journalist. " Stay Tuned. I'm gonna see David at the end of the month, I'll get the scoop.


I've gotten emails about people asking how to get good HD frame grabs. Here's my quick advice, Please add yours:

  • Increase your shutter speed
  • Lower the gain setting, too much noise makes for bad frames
  • Be still. You don't always need to be on sticks, oh my gosh, i just used a TV term! But it helps increase the number of  sharp frames yu have to choose from.
  • Manual focus, or pay extra attention to the focus. In auto focus mode, rack the lens to ensure focus.
  • Shoot in progressive or what Canon calls 24F mode. Only if you yu have one of the newer Sony V1U or Canon HX A1. If you have an older camera the progessive mode is prob 720p, my experience says, in that case to shoot 1080i and deinterlace in Photoshop.
  • Deinterlace in Photoshop
  • Learn what bicubic smoothing is and how to use it in Photoshop.


 More on Seth:

Major props to Bryan over at for the hook-up on this. multimedia editor Seth Gitner describes the "viral" aspects of a recent interactive web ad seeking a new editor for the Roanoke Times/


  1. I just read this unconfirmed rumor over at that David J. Leeson’s “Voodoo Tool (an algorithm written by his son DL II that creates great still captures from video) will be made available within the next month or two on the digital journalist. ”

    Consider it confirmed. The Voodoo Tool will be made public in the April issue of TDJ.

  2. I have some HD stills posted on my blog from my Canon XH A1 if anyone is interested. Look down the blog a bit, I think it’s second from the top. These frame grabs are not the highest-res they could be because I am recording onto DV tape instead of directly to a Firestore HD (where it would be uncompressed….I think.)

    Go to:

    I will be posting more stills in a variety of typical news photo situations to share… stay tuned.