An inside job

Spring Glow by Dai Sugano/Mercury News is a new benchmark in fashion multimedia. IMO. For this year's Spring Fashion shoot, Dai said he wanted to work with staffer Susanna Frohman who was shooting the stills for the paper, but he would do a video from the shoot. Here are the results. A stunning edit, fantastic visuals and he even produced the sound track, which is just as much art as the piece itself. Yes, this is from my 'shop' but I try hard not to 'pimp' our stuff too much, but this is a must see. 




  1. Beautiful use of music and timing and an arty way to keep fashion interesting!

    A couple of technical questions. I’m in the process of redoing my website and will be adding video. What size are you guys outputting those videos? I love the way you can make them full screen.

  2. Very Cool! It was interesting to hear the natural sounds and the music mixed together and video frames edit to the beat. Did the photographer who shot the still frames use the video lights to shoot the fashion images? Is the look similar to one another or different, and where did they get the music? I would have liked to seen a link to the photos and a credit for the music, but that is just me.

  3. Lucian–
    if you watch the dark arts tutorial [in the tutorial section of the site] it explains our compression process. the full screen thing is just about offering a larger compressed video. you mean size of the video or size of the video file?

    the lights were a bank of daylight balanced flourescent tubes. Dai Sugano composed all the music himself and your right about the credits, tnxs.

    “it’s hard out here for a ‘pimp'”—-hustle’n’flow


  4. Thanks Richard,
    I did see the “Dark Arts Tutorial” and found it very helpful. What I was curious about was what were the sizes of the videos you were offering—for example320/240? The larger one held up very nicely on my screen. And, of-course, I would love to do that for my website. Again many thanks.