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An animated sequence from OPERATION HOMECOMING.

I saw this short film last night OPERATION HOMECOMING on PBS. See it, buy it when it's released.  It was a pinnacle of story-telling for me. Why? "The film takes a handful of this writing as a central element – presenting powerful readings of the soldier’s words. These readings are brought to the screen through a variety of innovative filmmaking techniques that push the boundaries of traditional documentary, but avoid clumsy re-creations. Some stories are told through archival news images of the war. Several use striking visual collages to accompany the words of a poem. A few will move even farther a field to illustration or animated still photographs, yet always rooted in a reading of the writer’s original words." Enough said. _______________________________________

More inspiration comes from this recent piece, Strong Roots, from Jennifer Zdon and crew. 


Via Zach Wise:

In a brave new world of multimedia journalism, the award-winning Visual Communication School at Ohio University lead by Brian Storm of and Zach Wise of dares to ask the question: What is the soul of the 200-year-old community of Athens, Ohio?

Athens soul is restless. Its stories lie beneath the bricks, waiting to be exposed. Precariously balanced on the tip of cosmopolitan Appalachia, its uninhibited subcultures test the bounds of predictability.

Go to, tell us what you think the soul of athens is. Come back May 28th and see what we discover. _________________________________________ 


What is it? Only the coolest freaking, gravity-defying, mind-boggling tripod ever created! Monsterpod is a Viscoelastic Polymer-based tripod that's the stuff of science fiction. This marvel sticks to and peels right off just about anything.



Already know Quark, but don't know Flash? Well….

"With Quark® Interactive Designer for QuarkXPress®, you can create vibrant, interactive SWF projects — complete with features for sound, movies, and animation — using the same powerful tools that make QuarkXPress the world's premier design and page layout application. There's no need to learn a new authoring environment; interactivity and animation flow naturally from your existing QuarkXPress design skills"


Love the way iTunes displays your album artwork? Wanna use that in your next project? Then you need this…

The photoFlow Flash component displays multiple images with a stack effect, perspective and reflection. Images can be flipped automatically (like a slideshow) or by user interaction – clicking on another image in the stack, scrolling the mouse wheel or using the provided skinnable scrollbar. Includes XML support. From Warning: You need to own Flash 8 to use this product.


Finally, news on the ever evolving camera front, Sony introduces a  camera that records to a flash drive. The high-def video cam records directly to two ExpressCards. That's good news for us MacBook Pro users. We can just pop the card into the slot and edit away.

"Sony's PR guy told us the camera would ship later this year, probably in the fall, with a price somewhere in the neighborhood of $8000. Of course all of this is speculation at the moment, but the company's Z1U camera retailed at that price when it was introduced three years ago. Sony was quick to point out the EX was not a replacement for the Z1U or the V1U but instead an intermediate camera between those two and the high-end HDC-950." via Gizmodo