The ‘Gods’ have spoken! Multimedia is OK.

First the titans of old school photojournalism, Magnum, gave us the go-ahead with their website Magnum-InMotion, now the current new school of 'photo gods' have given their 'collective blessing' to multimedia. Rejoice! In an April 21st article post by Graham Harrison titled Editorial Photographers UK | Multi-media leaves stills standing as ten into VII adds up in London. All ten members of the influential VII Photo Agency gathered in London last week for the first European VII Seminar and said good things about the scary thing called multimedia. Listen, if the gods of VII and Magnum are doing it, what's stopping you? Maybe some of these quotes from the guardians of 'truth' will inspire you to pick up that audio recorder, finally.

“It’s not a choice you want to make necessarily, but this is how younger people are learning today and part of being a photojournalist is to provide historical material and to be an educator.” “If in a short production you can grab people for five minutes on a web site then your work does have value”.- Eugene Richards

"On multimedia (a term he- Nachtwey– thinks dated and ill-defined) the world’s greatest living war photographer told EPUK “something is lost and something is gained”, elaborating that there are definite changes in the way a moving image and a still image are perceived and felt by the viewer. But Nachtwey believed that eventually all photographers working in mass media would incorporate their work into multi-media."

The article mentions a short black and white film ‘The Dear Leader’ from Christopher Morris. It may never be shown in public as Morris worries about the copyright of the music and Time would be unlikely to ever put it on their web site. Which is a pity. Damn, if anybody ever sees this, make bootleg, please. Well, be not afraid. enjoy, -r

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  1. I’ve bowed, ad humbly exited the room without turning my back. Thank you, God!

    Now, if we could only get upper management and publishers to trust the God’s. ; )