Recent and notable multimedia [round up]

Faith in Chaos by Pep Bonet                                                                              Go see this for the images and stay for the very revealing behind-the-scene videos.

Not journalism, but who cares, worth the 'wow' factor alone.

Ka Rah Shin
Another 'wow' 

Invisible Children – Displace Me
Ok, back to 'journalism' 

Tainted Tea by Munem Wasif                                                                           Another ZoneZero production, God bless Pedro Meyer! 

untitled part 2 by cary conover 
One of my fav street shooters. 







  1. After being blown away by Bonet’s powerful documentary images I was surprised and let down to watch him directing his subjects in the behind the scenes videos.

  2. i felt the same way. the only redeeming quality for me was at least he seemd to have a nice relationship with the kids, unlike other photojournalists i know who just come in, take take take and leave.

  3. I was excited to see a multimedia design from the country I was born in make it to your site, Rich (Metropolis). Go Poland!!! :))

    Bonet’s directing his subject in the video struck me too, it’s a shame because it makes me much more suspicious of his beautiful photos now.

    On the other hand, I think there may be something to be said here about the Western ideas of journalism as focusing on getting the dates and facts right but in the process losing the bigger picture, intricate complexities and metaphysical qualities of the story one is trying to tell….

    In my daily newspaper shooting I don’t direct the subjects, but in the same time I am well aware that I am not a fly on the wall no matter how hard I try and my mere presence affects the situation in front of my camera, sometimes to a bigger sometimes to a lesser degree….