The goal is soul!

Boy does this package deliver. Maybe after the crew gets some rest I can squeeze a podcast out of Zach Wise and the crew. THIS IS MONUMENTAL, do NOT miss this!

Soul of Athens 

enjoy, I know you will, I can't get enough of this piece. And the great thing is, there's lots to see…



  1. This is outstanding work. It is filled with interesting photography and videography. It is well edited. And most importantly it tells several stories that are important to the community of Athens. I hope the town gets behind it and I hope it continues to grow.

    Great job to all involved.


  2. A big wow! Congratulations on the execution of a well-conceived project that will no doubt continue to flourish and mirror the life of that community for all to experience. Bravo!

  3. Awesome. Jaw dropping. Tour de force… and on and on. These guys have set the bar. From the videography to the photography, to the editing (both images and audio), one is hard pressed to find a weak spot here.

    I felt tears come to my eyes as I watched the story of Peggy, the grandmother, peace activist, recount her harrowing experience in Iraq. And the piece “Love in the first person,” fercryingoutloud! It’s mini-series in 4:09; the photography is raw and beautiful; there is an emotional kicker every 27 seconds (but who’s counting).

    Standing ovation, guys.

  4. this is fantastic…!!!! worth every click, it makes you want to stay, as a photojournalist I want to visit this place, great work…although I could hear the audio cuts in Jenny’s story which distracted me somewhat, but that’s nitpicking…this is inspired story telling…thank you Mr. Hernandez for pointing me to it