The Second Coming of SoundSlides, Learn Sound Recording from the NYT, Navigating Slide Shows, SeeSaw, Audio to Pump into the Newsroom

This software is like a fine wine, keeps getting better with time. You MUST own this software, NO MATTER WHAT! It's like wanting to be a journalist in the 'old days' you NEED pen and paper, now, you need this! 


This course outlines the basics of audio reporting and editing, with an emphasis on finding stories well-suited for audio, eliciting strong interview clips, and gathering interesting and natural ambient sound that sets the scene for the listener. Along the way, you'll collect interview clips and natural sound elements, with a chance to produce your own narrative in the Sound Mixer activity. 

About the instructor: Andrew DeVigal is the multimedia editor for The New York Times.  News University, the e-learning program from The Poynter Institute.


Navigating slide shows: What do people choose when every choice is possible?

Is the linear orientation to looking through material so hard-wired into our media usage that it is, and will continue to be, the preferred way to take in media?