Video WILL NOT save newspapers, this WILL, MSNBC on gathering audio, New FCP book, New slideshow tool for the PC, and much more, almost too much

Worried about our future, me too. but then I saw this:

NYTLABS? Who knew? I believe this kind of stuff will save use, not video. The video hype is just that, hype, remember the hype about blogs, citizen-journalism and user generated content. Those didn't save or kill us did they? This and compelling content that users can interact with, is what will survive and be our savior.



Joining the A/V Club: Storytelling with Image and Sound

by Ben Shapiro

Film Storytelling vs. Radio Storytelling…an Example

These days, newspaper reporters carry microphones and radio producers carry cameras. Everybodys scrambling to get on the multimedia bandwagon. We can debate whether this convergence is value-added or watered-down, but its certainly a trend.


‘Then I was treated as the others’

Photojournalist discusses documenting migrant’s risky journey to Europe

We've seen it many times, we've heard the stories behind this story, now let's read the REAL story behind the AWESOME Kingsley's Crossing.


New in the Apple Pro Training Series

The Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 6

You might be interested to know that Apple has just released a new suite of products that takes Final Cut Pro –the new standard for video editing–to the next level. Offering the same self-paced, project-based courses used by Apple-certified trainers, the Apple Pro Training Series is the perfect resource for ramping up your video editing skills.


This radio reporter uses photos and the Web to enhance his reporting. The result? Three different stories to experience. By Al Tompkins
Oh, the drama! Great read, tnxs, Chuck: 
The publishers have sighted gold in them thar video player hills.
Total Training Launches Total Training Online
The all-new ProShow Producer 3.0 allows you to create advanced, professional-grade presentation masterpieces that not only emotionalize and inspire audiences but also bring them to the point of sale

PC only!

iMovie Technique

Creating a 3D Demo Reel using iMovie HD and iDVD

for the newbie in all of us. 



Water Resistant Solar Charging Backpack SB01


Cool Software and Websites: (All FREE unless stated otherwise)



Gathering audio to go with your pictures

Read a comprehensive guide to gathering sound for photojournalism projects. Or, click on one of the bulleted items below to move to a specific topic.

Why should photographers gather audio?

Gathering audio to compliment your pictures

Recording techniques

Interview techniques

Natural sound gathering

Purchasing the right gear for you (and how to use mics)

How to import sound from a recording device into Sound Forge for post-production

Links to see and hear multimedia stories


The Web Designers Tool Kit

Hella FUNNY!

Prometeus – The Media Revolution



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