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HURRY, before it's too late to apply!

The Multimedia Workshop (Oct. 17-21) is a five- day intensive immersion into the art of storytelling using multiple forms of media. The workshop is intended for photojournalists at daily news- papers who have experience in audio gathering and story production for documentary Web-enhanced story telling but who want to improve their skills in this emerging form of media. Story development, audio gathering, interview techniques and content editing for a personal multimedia project will be a part of this workshop. The workshop will focus primarily on still photojournalism and audio. Video shooting, lighting and production will be addressed and may be incorporated into the final production.

The Point | Journalism's future is in global dialogue

By Mark Bowden


Expensive, but damn nice and convenient, worth a look @ Lite Panels.


Edit Well is the rich-media newsletter for Final Cut Studio created for pros! Download the first issue FREE!

Brought to you by Peachpit in collaboration with author and Apple-Certified Trainer Larry Jordan, Edit Well is an authoritative, in-depth resource for Final Cut Studio users.

Each month, Edit Well brings you:

  • Video tutorials to help you maximize your Final Cut Studio skills
  • Audio interviews with Apple product managers, Final Cut Studio editors, and other industry leaders
  • In-depth guidance and tips for the intermediate and advanced user
  • Original cutting-edge articles written by Final Cut Studio experts
  • A chance to interact with the experts through reader polls, online feedback forums, and reader mail
  • Timely, insider information that can be found nowhere else!


Looks like help is on the way for those of us who would like to make our crappy looking, in your garage, or corner of the newsroom 'hole'  'vidcast' better:

Create newscast-quality video presentations

Visual Communicator provides a teleprompter, video creation capabilities, and an entire library of customizable graphics, effects, titles, music, and templates.

Looks cool to me.


Human-to-Human Design

  • Respect me

  • Tell me a story

  • Engage me

  • Inspire me

  • Enchant me


A great read for multimedia producers. 


Not that you care, but I HAVE TO make one of these for my office. I have an old iMac that might fit inside. 


At Aperture in Action, you’ll hear the best sports shooters in the business discuss how they use Aperture to organize their field-to-studio workflows and manage the thousands of pictures they take every time they go out on a job. They’ll also share tips and tricks for using Aperture to create unforgettable, heart-stopping images.

I pimped Adobe, so how about Apple, not that they need anymore hype this week, but Aperture does need our help. All you SportsShooters, check this out. 


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Mike on
June 22nd, 2007 9:03 pm

"You have the BIGGEST EGO ON THE WEB. But I’m glad that you have time to search the web for useless info BECAUSE i DON’T."





  1. Sacramento, Topeka, Austin, Boise, Little Rock…

    But seriously, that Mountain Workshop looks really cool… too bad it cost $600… and I’m still saving up to replace my Toshiba laptop to get a… how did you put it… “a real laptop” from Apple. ;)

  2. Biggest ego on the web? Hilarious…

    I doubt R has the biggest ego in the Merc-News photo dept!

    Oh, my…these intertrucktubenets are amusing.

  3. Love the site man…… Useless? I really find it usefull, almost too much to ingest at once. Thanks for bringing us all of this excellent information. Some of us really are trying to bring our newsrooms into the future, even if they are kicking and screaming the entire way.