shines! On The Line, rocks! The Stumping Grounds, nice! Easy as Pi, sweet! Rob Finch, soars!

I  can't stop myself from raving about this piece– work of art. For me and maybe you, a pinnacle of how we can use the web and the talents of both writer and photographer to just plain kick some ass. I'm gonna go so far as to say….well….no, I better not…last time I got my head knocked around….you guys are so harsh!……Anyway, you should see this. And if anyone knows Lucas, please have him email me, I wanna podcast his process with this story.

Photographer Lucas Oleniuk and columnist Jennifer Wells reflect on the Conrad Black trial.


Bravo! Solid offering. Worth your time, big time!

On The Line: Economic Hardship in North Carolin

This is the final product of JOMC 481, Documentary Photojournalism students at UNC. This site looks at personal stories of poverty in North Carolina, from homelessness to underemployment to poverty-related crime. From the site's intro "Today, more than half a million people in North Carolina live below the poverty threshhold. While not an exhaustive study, this project explores the individual stories of those wavering on the line between comfort and need – hope and despair."



Wonderful idea, inspiring images!
**The Stumping Grounds**

Videos are well done, hard subject presented and edited very well.

Easy as Pi (

VIDEO: Kat Hogue: | PRODUCER: Liz Heron | INTERACTIVE DESIGN: Adam Kipple


More Props! I love everything about this sensitive and bold story and presentation.
I didn't pimp it out enough last time. And stay tuned for a podcast with Rob Finch!
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