On the road AGAIN!

One of the down-sides to this site is that you have to sit through my home movies. Well, here’s another one, based on my trip to the University of Missouri to judge CPOY



  1. thanks for sharing, that was awesome. i have to quick questions.

    is that all shot with your digital elph?

    is it hard to brush your teeth and shoot sweet vid at the same time?


  2. Really well done, I love the creativity of the cutout airplane. Any trouble from the crew shooting during flight? Did you really have the row to yourself?

  3. Great even the second time around. Thanks for being a judge and helping stoke the multimedia fire in Missouri.

  4. i like that you took me on a fantastic journey in about 2 minutes… thank you…. i just wish more multimedia pieces were as engaging as this one was — and not so god awful boring and formulaic.

  5. Excellent, as usual :) (it looks so simple, but i can imagine it took some hours to achieve this result). Loved the music – can you tell us what’s the band?

  6. tnxs, all.

    chris, the whole thing is shot with my digital elph, there is no video involved, it’s all stills, aka flipbook, with a bit of timelapse out of the plane window, using an iSight and iMovie.

    Andris, yes, the whole row to myself, can you believe it? No probs from the crew, even with my iSight taped to the window.

    Luis, music is from a band called Explosions in the Sky, it’s a track called First Breath after a Coma, or something like that…..

  7. Dang! I’m hungry for a Booches burger now. Hope you enjoyed your stay and it was a pleasure meeting you, even though it was brief.

  8. I think LA is as close as they get. And Boulder. And London. And of course, Miami. Cool place. They do the Mini ads. And the BK subservient chicken. And the VW ads.

  9. That’s some really impressive proof that there are compelling opportunities for visual story telling everywhere!

  10. Richard, this is marvelous. When do you ever sleep? Yeah I know you are pretending to sleep in the beginning of the video, but really, WHEN? Like Chuck, I am awed by the cutout paper plane. Your creativity is awesome.

  11. awesome… again. hope your family enjoyed it, but be sure to tell them we have more than just hamburgers here. thanks again for putting in the time and effort with the clicker. ;)