Beating boring TV-style video on Black Friday

Black Friday

Everyone and their freaking brother and their brother’s brother-in-law has to cover Black Friday. It’s written in journalism 101 textbooks, next to the definition of nutgraphs.

Dai Sugano at The Merc did the best job that I’ve seen today covering this in a creative manner that the local TV station wouldn’t have.

Here’s to taking a boring assignment and making it interesting!

-Will “Just Lost His Multimedia Shooter Posting Viginity” Sullivan



  1. Richard…
    Not all TV stories are boring, anymore than most print photos are stagnant. Maybe the problem is with the channel you watch. The example by Dai is great – and I’ve seen equally good stuff by TV VJs. Let’s move beyond cheap shots.

  2. cindy,
    i didn’t post this, but most print photos ARE stagnant as tv news. i agree in this case in generalities. i don’t see it as a cheap shot, but a call to do better work, realize the majority of both our industries have been on auto-pilot for a while.

  3. Hey Cyndy,
    I’m sorry if I offended you. I agree not all TV stories are boring and 1-2 print photos definitely isn’t engaging, but it is what it is. Or they are what they are. …?

    I’m not trying to throw out cheap shots, or if I am, they’re being thrown at everyone for being complacent and just copying traditional quick TV video. I know there are many great vjs at TV studios, just as there are many great multimedia photographers (? Videographers? what do we call them now?) at newspapers around the country.

    I was just trying to say “Yay thinking a bit more creativity with visuals” when telling a rather boring story.


    P.S. Love your blog, btw.