Life Unbarred


The News & Observer in Raleigh produced this outstanding piece, the best I’ve seen in a long time. This is what you get wen you give a still photographer a video camera for the first time. YES, this was Shawn Rocco’s first video piece according to fellow photojournalist Scott Sharpe.

It works on so many levels. The talking heads work because the story is strong. The visual details are fantastic, I love the shot of Dail’s feet in the water while fishing, among others. The last video clip after the credits is very fun. The mixing of the stills and b+w and audio moments is right on! Congrats to the whole crew who worked on this. VERY INSPIRATIONAL for me. THANK YOU!


p.s. see what some tough love can do, JK. an inside joke.



  1. Fantastic work! I love the shots of the barbed wired around the prison and Dail on the dock. Beautiful composition. Pacing is great. Compelling story. I bow to you. This is the kind of work to strive for.