The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Dallas Morning News photojournalist Mona Reeder spent three years working on The Bottom Line — mostly on gaining access to some really sensitive situations. The result is some incredibly personal moments, and some heartbreaking story-telling images.

By the numbers, Texas is first in capital punishment. It’s also home to the most Fortune 500 companies. Second in GDP. Second also in the size of the income gap between rich and poor. It’s home to the country’s three poorest counties. Dead last for the number of people without health insurance. And lousy at protecting the environment.

It’s numbers such as these that define a place. Behind every set of numbers is a story of lives ruined, ends not being met, the struggle to survive. Reeder does a great job at putting a face on the issues and shows how the numbers add up to poverty, teen pregnancy and jail time.


  1. Thanks for pointing this one out. I was on the DMN page a couple days a ago and totally missed this one.

    I like what I see, but some of these pieces are way too short. Like I get the what is it part and that’s it, it doesn’t scratch beyond the surface.

    Also that music has to go, I’m not a big fan of over emphasized music, mostly because I feel it’s blatant manipulation of an audience. The subjects, photos and video ARE strong enough to stand above it.

  2. I have been thinking about this for sometime and looking at The Dallas Morning piece it seems like this is a good forum to talk about it.

    We as editorial storytellers need to find new ways to talk to our audience. The Dallas Morning piece is very good. It tells the stories that need to be told. Every American should see this work. The images are compelling and the editing is spot on. I am not leavening any criticism Mona Reeder’s work but how we approach these stories in general.

    Before I clicked on the first link I knew what kind of images I would see and what stories would be told. They have all been told before in a similar manor. The audio certainly adds complexity to the stories, but not enough to hold my attention throughout the whole piece. I would watch one for a while and then jump to the next. We as a society are inundated with images; they are everywhere. We have at are disposal a new for of communication, that we are just scratching the surface of it’s potential. We need to keep pushing this medium so we can deliver are stories in fresh ways that will be compelling to our audience. I think a good example of some one that is pushing the medium a bit is Richard kocihernandez. I find my self being drawn to his work, mostly because if his unique approach. He is exploring new possibilities. His work is fresh and unexpected. In today’s over saturated visual world his work stands out, we all should take a lesson from that