Shining Bright, The Las Vegas Sun


I wish i could name the rest of the crew at the Sun that are responsible in anyway for the new website, because I love it, especially the multimedia section, way to go Zach! It’s a must see.


  1. No. They absolutely missed a great many things.
    For example:

    1) Not letting their audience embed and (and thus virally distribute and amplify) their unique assets.

    2) Not giving enough dynamic feedback (a.k.a displaying the number of views and other meta data in a transparent, lively way)

    3) Assumes that that people prefer their web video windows to dominate their screen.

    4) Not allowing visitors to rank or rate the media.

    In spite of all the success of You Tube – they crippled critical behaviors that drive interactivity and a satisfying user experience.

    The new paradigm and promise of networked journalism presumes that that the user is in charge of the experience.

    Wile there is some nice eye candy and clean code, the LV Sun Web site continues down the path well-trod by old think editors – they still think they are in control and presume that people experience Web video like they do broadcast video.

    You Tube changed the game – and you ignore audience expectations at your own peril.