Okay Chigaco Tribune, STOP IT!


Not really, keep it up! But you guys over there are keeping me busy and inspired. Thank you.

In Their Own Words

Seven families across Illinois with incomes below the federal poverty line opened their lives to the Tribune this year. They are emblematic of groups traditionally at risk for hardship, but their stories are individual, compelling and demanding of attention.

Kudos to all but especially Kuni Takahashi, for the outstanding visuals and audio, great use of subtle music and titles slides to introduce the families. It could have been worse, with cheesy music and the subjects saying, “hi my name is…” And nice use of the Soundslides component. Enjoy!



  1. Takahashi’s project documenting the lives of seven families struggling to survive under the weight of poverty should serve as inspiration for all who are jaded and believe that they are powerless to provoke change in the face of injustice.

  2. Mark Hume was the producer for this project. One of two photo editors the Tribune has producing multimedia and coordinating web efforts.