Director of Photography & NPR Video Jobs

camcorder.jpggirl-video-camera-795356.jpg This could be your chance to shine! (Hey, I like to give the ladies something to look at also. I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy.) #WEB 1749 – Producer ll, Video , Bryant Park Project Generates video story ideas for the Bryant Park Project website, from original individual stories to recurring features; shoots and edits video; identifies video from external sources that we can obtain, publish, feature, and/or discuss on air or online; helps develop and cultivate a video strategy for Bryant Park; maintains a close relationship with NPR Digital Media and helps maintain standards and overall video strategy for NPR; makes and manages video assignments to freelancers; cultivates and manages relationships with outside sources of video material. For more info: Job opening: Director of Photography at The Record (Bergen County, NJ) and Herald News (West Paterson, NJ) The Director of Photography will be responsible for the overall production of photography for The Record and Herald News. As part of that duty, the director, working with senior leadership at The Record and Herald News, will share the responsibility of creating section fronts and interior pages that have a high visual impact. The director will also share the responsibility, along with The Record's AME for the Internet and Herald News' senior leadership, for the creation of material for the and Web sites. For more info: If you're interested in the Photo Director's position, immediately send a résumé, samples of your best work and a cover letter on why you want the job to: Frank Burgos, Managing Editor, The Record, 150 River St., Hackensack, NJ 07601. Phone: (201) 646-4452; Email:

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