The Lourdes of Twang | That’s some good audio!

I just got through watching The Lourdes of Twang and I thought the audio in this project was really well produced and wanted to share this with everyone. Lourdes of Twang

It’s about the Martin Guitar Factory in the Leigh Valley of Pennsylvania and takes you on a journey through the factory. There’s also a nice Interactive Graphic that goes with the story, if you’re interested in how Martin assembles their guitars.

What struck me the most was the simple, but great use of nat sound and the audio narration by Emily S. Rueb along with the production help of Amy O’leary. So if you get some time this weekend, kick off your shoes and explore the Lourdes of Twang.

One comment

  1. very nice yes — but why did they separate the two features? you’d think there would be at least a link from the interactive graphic that connected the audio slide show to the graphic and visa versa —

    how about a button on the interactive graphic where i can hear a sample of the guitar’s sound

    or an embedded slide show that played the soundslide and then linked out to the awesome nyt kiosk mode —

    still a nice job by all . . .