Tripods Suck, Monopods Rock!

111cu-g7rjl_aa200_.jpg There’s no question that even the best camera stabilization system, isn’t enough for nice steady shots. You need something. I never liked tripods. No matter what size, they’re just too big, bulky and obtrusive for me.
I was recently surprised to find that my monopod had a hidden feature. Three tiny ‘tripod’ legs hidden in the bottom of the monopod. Now I’m really hooked. In fact, I’m in love. I’ve also read several reviews by video journalists ditching their glide cams for a good monopod system like the
Manfrotto/Bogen series. They range in price from $99 to $220. I’ve posted a very unscientific video example below of monopod vs. hand held.

enjoy -r


  1. i don’t hate the tripod, but don’t use it or bring it with me very often. Even the monopod i generally only use for interviews, everything else is handheld.

    From what I’ve seen most of the newspaper vi’s I work with in Oslo, Norway work like this. TV vi’s tend to use the tripod more often.

  2. Its the internet my friend! If you’ve read several reviews by video journalists, you should’ve linked us.

    Thanks for the vid though, significantly more stable than handheld