Voices in my head: Jenn Ackerman [podcast]

jen_podcast.jpgListen as we talk about her amazing project Trapped: Mental Illness in America’s Prisons and more..[display_podcast]

Jenn Ackerman has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and social research from James Madison University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication.

Jenn picked up her first camera after critiquing images and their effectiveness in perpetuating stereotypes. She discovered the power of an image as an outsider and quickly became enthralled with its storytelling abilities.

She entered the journalism field because of her interest in investigative journalism as a researh editor and writer at Inside Business in Norfolk, Va. Since, she has studied journalism at The Danish School of journalism in Aarhus, Denmark and traveled to Zambia to work on a documentary project on telecommunications in rural Africa and a new global economy.

She has a completed an internship at Deseret Morning News in Salt Lake City and will graduate in March 2008.