1. cool. ran a bit too fast to see some of the images propperly.

    I have your book and consumed it in the first few days. Already implementing plan A) and shortly will be firing afterburners.

  2. Awesome. I love it.

    Still haven’t been able to pick up your book but I will one of these days.
    I’m not making enough income interning to afford anything but food and rent.

    It’s rough.

  3. cool. I would edit out some of the images, a number of them were too alike, to the point of repetition. Then there will be more time to see the better ones.

    What kind of transitions are these?
    what editing tool did you use? is it an export from ss?
    If this is post produced in video, maybe this kind of slideshow production can be somewhat automated – resize images, import to editing tool, apply transitions to all in a single command – then the only time consuming part would be spacing them for timing / audio sync. Is that so?