For almost a decade, the multimedia bootcamp workshops at the University of North Carolina provided one of the main training sites for hundreds of professional journalists seeking to understand new storytelling tools and techniques and to gain hands-on training. 

These workshops provided an important introduction for journalists being asked to tell multimedia stories by introducing them to hardware and software, and multimedia planning, production and programming techniques. 

Now, Prof. Rich Beckman, the founder and director of the Multimedia Bootcamp Workshops is pleased to announce that the Beyond Bootcamp Workshops for journalists and journalism educators will premier in January at the School of Communication at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, where he now serves as the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism. The School and the Knight Center for International Media will host the workshops. 

Rather than a single workshop that introduces participants to different areas of multimedia storytelling, the Beyond Bootcamp Workshops will each last three days and cover a specific skill set. The workshops will retain many of the most popular features of the Multimedia Bootcamp Workshops, including the opening night keynote presentation, daily lunches with leading multimedia producers, a faculty of the leading multimedia educators and practitioners, training on state-of-the-art hardware and software, highly trained lab assistants and numerous handouts and take-home materials. 

The first six workshops will be offered beginning January 3-6 and 7-10, 2009 Registration
is online and available at:

For questions about any of
the workshops, contact Prof. Rich Beckman at or 305-284-2726

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