Dirty, Pretty Thing, The Canon 5D MKII and other DSLR Stuff

I love my 5D. I’m a huge fan of the shallow depth of field and low light capabilities. I went to great lengths to get that look with my Canon HD video cameras.

I  use the 5D almost exclusively for freelance/client work. There’s so much out there – good and bad- about  DSLR cams.  I don’t have much to offer, except, some links to those sites and a couple of tips.

Let me start with the Beachtek DXA-5D. This is an essential piece of equipment  to eliminate the Auto Gain Control of the 5D. If anybody knows a better way to eliminate this, do let me know.

I am aware of the Magic Lantern Firmware solution, but I’m still a little scared of this. Again anybody whose done this successfully please do tell.

Anyway, long story short, the DXA-5D introduces a low frequency tone to trick the 5D and despite claims that it can only be heard by Superman, they’re wrong. While I was editing recently, my daughter feel to her knees in pain with her hand over her ears. Mind you, I couldn’t hear it and thought she must be exaggerating, she was not. She is actually still frightened when sit down to edit. But I also– sometimes– hear some unwanted high frequency tones coming the audio recorded with the 5D via the DXA. So, in a effort to save you the time surfing the interwebs, I offer you a solution approved by my daughter with the super human hearing.

First, in FCP you can add an audio filter called AUGraphiEQ, under the Audio Filters menu. After applying the filter. Scroll down and take down the 20000.0 Hz to -20db. I have sometimes needed to apply the filter twice to eliminate the tone completely.  Below is a screen shot of the settings.


The second option, I haven’t tried yet, but looks promising.

If you use a Beachtek DXA-5D to capture sound while recording with your 5D, you should take a look at the new droplet my friend Mathieu has created. The droplet convert the file to ProRes HQ and remove the low frequency used to disable the audio gain. Simple, but effective.

Get the droplet here.

Here is another great link about 5D audio:

Canon 5D Audio Exposed from the very useful site canon5dtips.com

Okay, on to another DSLR item that was tough, focusing. I have found more shots in focus and an overall more enjoyable shooting experience with the Hoodman DSLR viewer. The downside to the Hoodman is the crappy wau it attaches to the camera. But, as with everything now-a-days the is an alternative. The folks at IDCPhotography have a solution that I just love, check it out.

There is also another more expensive alternative to the Hoodman, called the Zacuto Z Finder. Haven’t tried this yet.

Okay in wrapping this post up, I wanted to finish up with some places to find  DSLR video inspiration  a set of links to some great DSLR blogs and articles.



5D Vimeo group1

5D Vimeo group2

Here’s a great link to a very cool video shot on the 5D, it’s called Artic Surf Film Part 1:

I really like this story because it shows how the Canon 5DMrkII totally shifted the world of many photographers. By giving the ability to shoot video with the same gear we use to shoot pictures, it enables photographers to create more and better content. When you look at Yassine editing suite, you have to realize how minimal it is. No Final Cut Pro, no ProRes, no 24p, nothing a pro would use, yet he has created some awesome content.

This is a real example to prove that it is often a better investment to put your money in getting a great subject and location than getting the newest lens…


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