Secret to Mastering Final Cut Pro

One of the things that makes video editors stand-out is their speed. Especially when working for news outlets. FCP is the tool of choice for multimedia producers and one of the best investments you can make after dropping your life-savings on the  FCP Studio, is something called a skin. Not only will you grab everybody’s attention with your rainbow colored keyboard, you’ll get a lot faster.  Have a look at some of the skin choices at PhotoJojo.


  1. The only problem with using skins or FCP keyboards it that if you have to edit on a different computer without the colored keys, you’re screwed! I had one for a while but when it came time to edit a piece without one I was lost because I was looking for the specific color or specific symbol on the key. That slowed me down so much I missed my deadline. My suggestion is print out the FCP keyboard shortcuts or get the one that comes with the set of manuals and highlight the ones you need the most. With the shortcuts you don’t use often, its pretty easy to locate on the printout and you don’t waste time hunting the keyboard. As you use FCP more and more the shortcuts become second-hand nature and you’ll be able to take that knowledge with you when you’re thrown in an edit bay that doesn’t have your crutch of a keyboard.

  2. Good point Jeff, BUT, IMHO, they do make you better and after a while you actually remember the ‘skin’ short cuts. It’s like muscle memory. Skins are like training wheels, after a while you get good enough to take them off. And like a good chef, who brings his own knife, I’ve often carry a skin or keyboard with me. Well worth it. But that’s just me.