10 Projects you MUST see, NOW!

In no particular order as they all kick major ass.


by Chad A. Stevens

Picture 271

One woman.
One mountain.
One last chance.
Set among a backdrop of one million acres of decapitated mountains blown up by the coal industry, one woman fights to save one of the last untouched Appalachian mountains and the place she calls home.

Another great piece: Leveling Appalachia

Picture 257
Also don’t miss a great blog post from Jessica Stuart on the Mediastorm blog, entitled,

Words of Wisdom: Chad A. Stevens on learning important multimedia skills

also, hat tip to the awesome Pam Chen, she produced the original music for the piece.

2. Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

Picture 258

A beautiful and insightful doc about what else, docs. It’s also available to purchase in their store or you can rent it on netflix.

Errol Morris, Werner Herzog and over 30 of today’s top documentary filmmakers provide an in-depth look at non-fiction filmmaking and the steps to making a documentary. These masters of the craft reflect upon the nature of documentary as a form of storytelling and offer insight into their approach to the ‘truth.’

NFB.ca is a Web site where you can watch films produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Our mission is to make these films accessible to all Canadians.

3. El Pais, Especial: Cali, la ciudad que no duerme

Picture 259

Okay, maybe the Flash is a little much for my taste, but the stories break the language barrier. No need to know Spanish, the visuals are that strong.

4. Adam Westbrook 6×6 Series

Picture 260

Adam’s site is becoming my new must read, check it out and enjoy, lots of goodness there.

5. The Bold Italic

Picture 261

Probably the best damn local site I’ve seen is some time, the design just kicks my ass!

The Bold Italic is an experiment in local discovery.

Just when you thought you were a pretty savvy local, along came The Bold Italic. Our mission is to help people become better locals, equipping our members with rare local intel, backstory and potential adventures.

Our writers, the Bold Locals, find their way behind-the-scenes in San Francisco and come back with backstories of distinctive, offbeat local experiences.

Shit, maybe some old school big media companies are trying something different, this froom the PivotalLabs site:

We’re excited that The Bold Italic launched into public beta yesterday. The Bold Italic is a local-content website we developed with Ideo for Gannett. As they describe it, “(Their) mission is to help people become better locals, equipping our members with rare local intel, backstory and potential adventures.”

6. Waterlife

Picture 262

How can you go wrong, music by Brian Eno. Fantasic use of Flash. One of those interfaces that make you say, “Wow!”

7. HBO Imagine

Picture 263

This is why I love being alive at this time in visual story telling history.

8. Ian Fisher – American Soldier | The Denver Post | From Basic Training to Iraq and Back | Photos, Videos, Extras

Picture 265

Follow Denver Post photojournalist Craig F. Walker track Ian Fisher from High School to deployment in Iraq.

9. Short Films of William Hoffman, AMAZING!

Picture 266

The moments shots made me cry, enough said.


Picture 268

Parabolas is also an awesome piece,

Picture 267

10. The Economist: Thinking Space

Picture 270

Who knew, The Economist with the mad multimedia skillz!




  1. Koci – this is a great roundup but I can’t thank you enough for bringing William Hoffman’s work to my attention. Had not seen his stuff before and simply love it.

    I posted a quick piece about it on Fauna Corp and linked back to Multimedia Shooter.

    You can check it out here:

    Thanks again – such a great way to start the day.