7 Free Firefox Extensions For Journalists

Guest post by Mary Ward


This is a sort of date planner extension.  Journalists have meetings and important deadlines all the time.  This extension helps any journalist to keep track of all deadlines and obligations so that their minds remain free to handle the journalism and not the minutiae of day to day life.


This Firefox extension allows a user to collect snippets from various websites and to piece them together in such a way that each is appropriately catalogued and accessible.  One of its noteworthy features is that it supports multiple languages so that no journalist need be restricted to information in a single language.

Dictionary ToolTip

This extension is that always essential portable dictionary.  The exact definitions of words are crucial for serious journalists and this Firefox extension allows any such journalist to have precise meanings at his or her fingertips, or tooltip in this case.  This is an easy way to double check work and to improve vocabulary.


This Firefox extension was made for those with journalistic interests.  It serves as a means of noting any news items that has been found on the internet.  It allows for global communication and gives a way to tie these noted events into blog posts.  It also allows for images to be added from an expansive collection of stock photos.

Image ToolBar

This Firefox extension is for journalists who do not wish to be restricted exclusively to text.  This Image ToolBar allows anyone to save, copy, or edit images with ease.  The inclusion of images is an integral part of journalism these days even before mention is made of photojournalism as a distinct form of journalistic expression.  This extension allows for the manipulation and placement of images on websites or in articles.

Text Area Word Counter

For any journalist who has to keep an eye on word count, this is the perfect tool.  Every writer must stay within an allotted amount of words whether they must adhere to an upper limit, a lower limit, or both.  This counter just helps a writer to keep track.

Split Browser

This Firefox extension allows for the easy viewing of multiple web pages.  Comparing different articles on the same topic or simultaneously researching multiple topics is made simpler with this tool.  Or it can be used to alternate between reading the news and planning out a personal calendar of events.

These 7 free Firefox extensions for journalists help to make life as a journalist easier.  The management of deadlines, information, and images are all part of journalistic life and these Firefox extensions can assist with these tasks.  Take advantage of these extensions the next time you have an assignment.

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