Picturing the devastation in Haiti and more inspiring projects

Scenes From a Ruined Boulevard

View the destruction along a quarter-mile stretch of Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines, one of the main commercial arteries in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  By DAMIEN CAVE with photographs by MAGGIE STEBER for The New York Times.

I like this so much better than those panos that make me dizzy, looking up into the sky and down to the ground. All the extra *space* never has any good content for the most part.



Haiti has always been a land of beauty and pain, of light and darkness. When a catastrophic earthquake hit the island on Tuesday, January 12th, the world was shaken by the magnitude of the destruction and human suffering. In this story for VII The Magazine, photographers James Nachtwey, Ron Haviv, Lynsey Addario and Benjamin Lowy provide a heart-wrenching look at this disaster and its aftermath. Videos by Benjamin Lowy.

NOTE: The web design on their site could use some help, it’s a little wonky and things don’t seem to be where you want the to be, eg, the play buttons and controls on top!? Bitchy I now, sorry. But it’s got what counts, some kick-ass stories/visuals.


Audio slide show: Triage at the airport

Doctors from the University of Miami’s Global Institute arrive in Haiti to assist at a makeshift hospital at the international airport in Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake.

Photography and audio by Rick Loomis Produced by Bryan Chan


The Economy of a Tent City

FRONTLINE and NPR Planet Money correspondent Adam Davidson team up to explore the new economies emerging from the rubble in Port-au-Prince.

Ten weeks after the earthquake, the temporary settlements where Haitians congregated have developed into rich, complex communities. Planet Money‘s Adam Davidson visits Port-au-Prince’s largest tent city — spread out over what used to be an elite golf course — and finds a rich, complex economy with more small business competition than before the quake. (Produced by Travis Fox.)

This report is part of a special series on Haiti produced in partnership with NPR’s Planet Money. You can listen to a radio version of this story online at npr.org.


Choosing to Stay, Fighting to Rebuild

Produced by Lisa Iaboni, Todd Heisler and Patrick Witty



The National Film Board is at it again, damn they do great work! Another multimedia masterpiece.  Just go here and click on any of the projects  under the interactive menu tab.

As the country’s public producer, the National Film Board has been telling stories that reflect Canada back to Canadians for seven decades now. With GDP – Measuring the human side of the Canadian economic crisis (gdp.nfb.ca), we are launching the country’s first bilingual web documentary, a pan-Canadian project that bears witness to the far-reaching effects of the crisis in our lives and communities.


Memories of Sugar Hill

That Zach Wise is at it again. IMHO he’s one of the best multimediashooters in the country, nay, the world.


In a time of discrimination and segregation, young people growing up in an area of Harlem known as Sugar Hill right before and after World War II found success and inspiration all around them. Explore the people who lived in Sugar Hill and hear the stories of those who grew up there. Read the related article »


The Refugee Syndrome

Six months in the making, The Refugee Syndrome is a 2010 Digital Media Master’s Thesis done by Lim Wui Liang and Nikolia Apostolou at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. All material copyright Lim Wui Liang and Nikolia Apostolou unless otherwise stated.


Where Beauty Softens your Grief

“Other places you just look dead.” The multimedia of Gianni Cipriano.


Blue Whale by NatGeo

Just plain smart and fun interactive. Enjoy.


more soon!


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