ShowCase: Create a slideshow in the palm of your hand. Demo and Sample

This from their website:

ShowCase: Create a slideshow in the palm of your hand.

Unite imagery and sound with ShowCase; our premier podcasting tool that combine’s still photography with audio. This simple to use smartphone software allows you to capture those newsworthy moments, pair them with narration or music for a compelling story, and share them instantly over WiFi or a cellular connection.

ShowCase slideshows can be created within 30 seconds and posted to podcasts, online newspapers, blogs and social media sites. The option of white labelling ShowCase is available for podcast hosting websites that require a fully customized product.

Whether for an online newspaper, or personal use, ShowCase offers a simple solution for capturing and sharing unforgettable and newsworthy events. ShowCase enables you to post automatically to podcast sites, RSS feeds, itunes, YouTube, or your own website(integrates with Podcast Producer or similar software).


1.RECORD VeriCorder microphones let you record highfidelity sound on your smartphone using the ShowCase recording software.
2.EDIT Combine multiple audio and image sources with the touch of a finger. Easily drag clips into the desired order, using our patent pending ‘Bungee Block ’ technology.
3.SEND Share your finished slideshow with the world in just seconds by secure FTP over WiFi or cellular network. Upload wirelessly to your PC or Mac or share files instantly with other iPhone or iPod Touch users. Enables you to post automatically to podcast sites, RSS feeds, itunes, YouTube, or your own website (integrates with Podcast Producer or similar software).

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My quick and dirty video demo:

The end product:

My thoughts:

Overall this just rocks! I’m sure I’m still excited by the initial novelty that you can shoot/record and create an audio slide show on an iPhone, but I only see this getting more powerful and useful. It’s fairly crude and simple in its final product. But it’s the story that matters, right, not all the flash-bang stuff like the Ken Burn’s effect. PLEASE, DON’T EVER ADD THIS FEATURE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! But some simple transitions like cross dissolve would be nice, oh and if it’s not to much to ask, how about the ability to add text or title cards. I have faith that this company will kick-ass with the development of this app. If you head over to their site, they’ve already cornered the market on multimedia mobile gear and apps. I expect a lot of future announcements from this company. This app gets five-stars in my book and worth every penny of the 7.99 price.


The multiple audio layers–notice the soundtrack under my voice in the above example– and the ability to create fades and control the volume is a nice and very useful feature. Very low learning curve. Very intuitive UI.


Having to register for the manual seems bad, but actually makes sense, they say it’s to send email updates about the app. I buy that. I only mention it here because I was so impressed with this app I had to find something I didn’t like, otherwise it would look like I was just kissing the company’s ass. The truly bad thing is that the iPhone itself is so small, or my fingers are too chubby. Either way trying to produce on such a small form factor can be a bit frustrating. But once the iPad has a camera, then were talking.