So, you learned After Effects, now what?

Here are some recent articles and videos that I find inspiring as an AE noob. Enjoy!

A Financial House Advantage

Watch an animated explanation of how banks use securities lending to make a profit at no risk to themselves, while their customers cover the losses.

Produced by Zach Wise, Danielle Belopotosky

The Art Of Film Title Design Throughout Cinema History

A wonderful article, with many inspirational pieces. My feeling is that AE is a wonderful tool for titles and written information in a visual story. That’s what makes this article extra crispy!

DEXTER: Interview with creator of my favorite opening title sequence

This isn’t really about AE, it just kicks ass and the process behind how these titles can to be is super inspiring.

The Other Guys closing credit sequence

Classic example of a pill buried in a hot dog. Which is how I feed my dog her pills. But what an unexpected delight at the end of a Hollywood comedy, an AE sequence explaining how a Ponzi-scheme works, brilliant!

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