25 Books Every Visual Journalist Should Have on Their Shelf

I have read and own all of these books. I have read many of them several times and some are so worn out and dog-eared I’ve purchased new copies. Just because they’re on my self doesn’t mean they should be on yours, but if you’ve appreciated the work I’ve curated on this blog, then what you will find in the list of books below is a peek down the well where I find many of my creative inspirations. If you happen to know my work, you’ll find some of the technical and inspirational books I draw from. While this is not meant to be a comprehensive list, it’s a list of what I’m calling must haves. PLEASE add your own favorites in the comments. I wanted this to be the opening salvo for a ‘sharing’ of inspirational books. Enjoy!

NOTE: You will find small additional comments from me in RED below each books Amazon listing.



  1. it’s actually an embed from amzon that i created, so i’d say it’s your browser, but let me post some hard-coded text, just to be safe, sorry for any probs.

  2. Great recommendations. Went straight to the library after reading this post and found The Creative Habit (which is as invaluable as Richard said it is), On Photography, Sound Reporting and 99 Ways.

    I’d love to see more recommendations. (And more podcast interviews if you get chance.)

    This site is a phenomenal resource for a self-training multimedia journalist.