Timeline and freeDive: Two New tools for your next Multimedia Project


Our timeline builder was created by Zach Wise, who last year joined the Medill faculty from the New York Times.   In teaching students to deploy timelines, Wise found there wasn’t a satisfactory tool that met current needs.  Working with the Knight Lab, he created one of his own and it’s now available at knightlabtimeline.com.

“The tools that already exist on the web are almost all either hard on the eyes or hard to use,” says Wise. “Timeline is an open-source, JavaScript and HTML/HTML5 based tool that creates elegant timelines.”



About this tool

freeDive transforms Google Spreadsheets into searchable databases that can be embedded in web sites. Find out more on ourFAQ page.

  • Users can easily search your data.
  • Users get results in an interactive, sortable table with filters to refine the search.
  • The wizard walks you through creating a search widget.
  • Customize the interface based on the content of your spreadsheet.
  • The embed code allows users to share search results on social. networks.

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