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PhotoPhilanthropy | Powerful Non-Profit Multimedia

Here are two can’t miss posts from the PhotoPhilanthropy Blog:

PhotoPhilanthropy interviews photographer, Josh Meltzer, about his ongoing projects.

Josh won last year’s PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award, and has some great insight as a

photographer collaborating with a non-profit. If you are a photographer thinking about

working with a non-profit, or a student looking to learn the ropes as a photojournalist,

you should definitely check out this video and listen to the wise words of Josh Meltzer.


Living Stone: A Community Losing Its Life

By Khaled Hasan for Save The Children

The story I focus on is about the hard work community of Jaflong, in northeastern Bangladesh. The Piyain River is the main feature and shows the natural beauty of Jaflong which flows from India through Bangladesh.

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