Hipstamatic Finally Ready for Photojournalism!

This isn’t another post kicking the hornet’s nest about Hipstamatic and its use in photojournalism, it’s to announce Hipstamatic’s new update. Hipstamatic has finally released a new film and lens that are as pure and clean as, well, umm, what’s pure and clean these days? Anyway, it’s ready for some unfiltered photojournalism. The update introduces the Jane Lens. She’s a beauty and she’s free along with a new film called Ina’s 82.

Here is a sample image:

Another Hipsta-film I find a refreshingly pure combo with the Jane lens is Blank Noir:

Here is a sample image:

Look at the whites in those stripes and pole! I think you get my point. Here are some other official details about the update:

What’s New in Version 255

? New free lens: Jane
? New free film: Ina’s 1982
• New Portrait SnapPak, for amazing beauty shots
? Redesigned Recent Prints layout, with more HipstaPrint goodness in every pixel
? Add Place tags to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram uploads
? Post your HipstaPrints to your Facebook Timeline, and see awesome information about the lenses and films you use the most
? Supports both landscape orientations for greater shooting ease

TWO secret tips:

1. Ever wanted the viewing screen a bit bigger? Just double-tap the screen to enable the full screen mode, NICE!

2. This is new and undocumented but I can confim it works. The volume + button now works as shutter. Here’s the kicker, if you hold down the Volume + button it shoots in a decently fast continuos mode = AWESOME!

Go forth photojournalists!!



  1. I really couldn’t say, but I honestly don’t know how much “cleaner” or unfiltered the Lowy lens could get, I’ve been shooting with Jane everyday since her release and find it very clean. I’m excited to finally see his lens when it comes out.

  2. I am addicted to Hipstamatic! I guess, 99% of my photos is taken with it. I like the black and white films, specially BlacKeysSupeegrain. I would like to buy the Nike pack.

    One tip about the new version, use the volume button in full screen, so it will remains in full screen.

  3. Donny,
    Blanko Noir is a standard film that comes with Hipsta, you might need to restore your downloads or check your iphone settings for hipsta.