Delving deep into the multimedia world, multimediashooter.com hopes to bring simple and totally career-altering advice for managing information and time. It will attempt to reveal the ways hardware and software can improve our multimedia/storytelling skills. At this wild moment in the on-going development of “new media,” multimediashooter is your own personal guide, here to help you through the onslaught of the “new” and not-so-new world of multimedia. Photojournalism is full of new challenges waiting to be solved: I hope the site can help. The site hopes to offer tips, news and commentary about digital storytelling. Multimediashooter will highlight examples of multimedia story-telling with the hope of recognizing those who do outstanding work and helping those who want to. The site will feature a gallery of outstanding multimedia, a tutorial section, podcast and the most comprehensive multimedia archive on the web.

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  1. Great site…I was looking for information on mics and recording devices and Patrick Davison forward me this link…I Love it! There is so much information.

    Thank you!

  2. This site is immensely helpful. I am the Communications Director for an International NGO (www.agros.org), and will soon be launching a series of Soundslides projects – this site has been a great resource to discover the breadth of quality work being done… all over the world. Inspiration everywhere. Thanks and don’t stop.

  3. Hi. I have just seen your story on Lynda.com and I identify myself with a lot of your opinions. I am also a journalist for 12 years now, and actually I learned on the way. During the last 4 years I started and managed to develop my own local community newspaper on print and on the web. At the begining I was interested only with the text. Now I can shoot video, edit my own website and I plan to develop mobile apps. I have done it all self teaching.

    But most of all, viewing your story, I had this revelation that our mission as journalists it is not dead as it seems. Maybe in the last years of real estate boom the media lost its purposes, but now I fully understand that the real press never dies.

    It’s only that we got bored and we don’t see the stories anymore, waiting for some media owner to let as do our work.

    After all this crisis I see that the salvation for the media is returning to the sincere storytelling, made for the people, not for the customers.

    Thank’s and good luck.

  4. I’m a high school student in desperate need of a way to make an easy multimedia project!!! The ones I saw on the home page are really good and I really need a program that i can use…what did you use to make that?? Is there a program on this website? If not can you refer one to me? I have three days…help@

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