Alexia Foundation is offering a new, one-time $25,000 photography grant called the Global Women’s Initiative.

  [caption id="attachment_2838" align="alignnone" width="700"] The Alexia Foundation is offering a new, one-time $25,000 photography grant called the Global Women's Initiative. The grant is intended to fund a project that illuminates any form of abuse of women in the United States that also has global significance. Deadline for applying: August 15, 2012.[/caption]

The Essential Mobile Journalism Kit

Here’s a peak at the Mobile Reporting Field Guide, a soon to be released iBook on everything journalists need to know about using an iPhone for reporting. It includes reviews on equipment, apps, as well as example videos. The guide is the culmination of work by several students enrolled in a mobile journalism course at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. After months of testing, this is the gear the guide recommends for the essential kit.  Stay tuned for the iBook which include reviews of this gear and more, along with apps reviews.

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Hipstamatic Finally Ready for Photojournalism!

This isn’t another post kicking the hornet’s nest about Hipstamatic and its use in photojournalism, it’s to announce Hipstamatic’s new update. Hipstamatic has finally released a new film and lens that are as pure and clean as, well, umm, what’s pure and clean these days? Anyway, it’s ready for some unfiltered photojournalism. The update introduces the Jane Lens. She’s a beauty and she’s free along with a new film called Ina’s 82.

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Non-linear editing system poll, which one FCPX or Adobe Premiere?



The results are in! More than 500 folks participated in my impromptu poll. Above are the detailed results.

As I watched the poll unfold over the course of the last few days, it continually held steady at around 60/ 40 in favor of Adobe Premiere, despite one user- you know who you are– who tried to stuff the ballot box, by visting the poll everyday and continually voting for FCPX for several minutes. Shame on you. You wasted your time, oh those precious moments lost in time like tears in rain. You could’ve spent that time learning Premiere ;)

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