10 hella funny videos about journalism you must see

Multimedia Immersion rap from News Photog on Vimeo.

In celebration of the kick off of the NPPA Multimedia Immersion workshop in Syracuse, N.Y., Evan Vucci and Matt Ford produced this silly music video about being multimedia journalists.

The video is a parody of Jay-Z’s On To The Next One.

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End Times
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Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

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Clusterf#@k to the Poor House – Final Edition Edition
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And finally, Check it out yo…

Five Things
The Elements of a Short Story

This Flocabulary song teaches students the five elements in a short story (plot, character, conflict, theme, and setting). The song was comissioned by an after school program with the Chicago public schools.

So Much Inspiration, It Hurts

Sit back and enjoy some of what I’ve found that the intertubes has to offer in inspirational multimedia storytelling.

From the MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshops


Johnnie Footman, 90, may be the oldest cab driver in New York City. With a cigar hanging from his mouth, a plastic spider around his neck, and a cap that reads “Old Dude made of Achey Breaky Parts,” Johnnie still manages to make it to the shop five days a week.

Associated Press Interactive: Depth of Field

Firefox 7

AP Photographer David Guttenfelder captures Afghanistan’s largest-scale military operation since 2001 using a unique lens – his iPhone camera coupled with a Polaroid film filter app.

Burberry: That art of the Trench

Picture 614

Ok, so it’s not exactly journalism or *storytelling* for that matter, but I find the navigation and presentation inspiring.

The Global Fund: Access to Life/Magnum Photos

Firefox 5

Eight Magnum Photographers portray thirty people in nine countries during antiretroviral treatment for AIDS.

NPR: A Locksmith’s Tale And Other Health Care Stories

Firefox 2

As the debate over health care overhaul goes on and on and on and on, we thought we’d slip off and visit some people who have strong opinions about insurance. Nobody’s elected them, nobody’s paying them to influence anybody. They’re just folks with their own notions. And, in some cases, rather odd notions.

Lemonde.fr Le corps incarcere

Firefox 3

I don’t understand French, it looks and sounds great. I love the unique navigation.

Bedrooms of the Fallen by Ashley Gilbertson

Firefox 6

These bedrooms once belonged to men and women who died fighting in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These fallen men and women were blown up by IEDs, RPGs, hand grenades and suicide bombers. They were shot down in ambushes and by snipers. They died in helicopters, in humvees, and in tanks. It all took place thousands of miles away from home, and the country they fought to defend

The video work of Sean Dunne

Firefox 4

The Archive is awesome, I highlighted it before on MMS, but I’ve also enjoyed Sean’s two more recent video portraits. Simple, straight forward storytelling.

The National presents Life in the UAE observed


FREEP: Carrier of the Economy

Through the eyes of a postal carrier, economic downturns can be measured through the types of mail that people receive: bank notices, lawyer advertisements, certified letters and the list goes on.

Kingsmead Eyes

Kingsmead Eyes is the result of a unique collaboration between photographer Gideon Mendel and 28 pupils from Kingsmead School in 
Hackney. The children documented their world over six months, photographing their friends, families, community and school to create an accomplished and vibrant body of work. At the same time, Mendel, working in parallel to the children made portraits of every child in the school as well as also documenting the life of the area.

Black Passport

A trailer to promote Stanley Greene’s new photo book: Black Passport. Black Passport is a visual biography. Compiled by Teun van der Heijden

A Mexican Toy Story by Alba Mora

What does a 65-year-old man do when he has one million toys in his personal collection? Mexican architect Roberto Shimizu opened an underground museum at his home in Mexico City.

Going West

A stunning an just plain fun animation. Film for NZ Book Council Produced by Colenso BBDO Animated by Andersen M Studio .

Stay tuned, there’s always more to come.