The journey ends…Lovelle Svart 1945-2007


Lovelle Svart, who shared through online videos the struggle and choices of her final months, ended her life September 28 by taking a drug overdose prescribed at her request under Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act. She was 62 and had lived with lung cancer for nearly five years.

Thank you, The Oregonian and the team that helped bring us her story – Rob Finch, Don Colburn, and Ed Madrid.


Can You DO IT in 1 minute?


You’ve got 60 seconds, no more, no less, make it count

The international jury will deliberate on the merits of the shortlisted films and will award one as “Best Filminute” for 2007. WHAT MAKES A GREAT ONE-MINUTE FILM? Filminute is looking to find one-minute films that “resonate” beyond one minute, films that affect the viewer in the same way a great film does.

Sorry honey, I’ve always loved Diana


Oh Lomo, I LOVE YOU!

Just to prove I’m not all about video and technology. Here’s one of my old school girlfriends back from the dead.

To hold, point, and shoot a Diana camera implies a conscious decision to relinquish control. To concentrate your creative powers on capturing the moment and telling a story—rather than fiddling with a bunch of knobs and levers. A blurry-soft and dreamy-toned Diana image is more an interpretation of reality than a correct representation of it. In a way, it’s somehow more accurate to compare the Diana to an oily vintage typewriter than to a megapixel machine of today.